The Essence of Liberty;
Self-Rule and Self-Ownership!

[ A Virtuous Voluntaryism Initiative ]

  •  We promote the idea of Self-Rule; the absolute sovereignty of the individual and ALL that legitimately belongs—by legitimately, it is implied that no force and fraud were used) to the individual, which includes the land that is acquired by the fruits of his labor, whether directly or indirectly inasmuch as it were by the peaceful non-aggressive means which neither harmed nor violated the liberty of any one else.  (Autarchism is a philosophy which holds that each individual rules themselves only and absolutely no one else.)
  • We reject all compulsory government which is the mother of force, coercion, and violence. We affirm that even if there were one, we would not be the signers of a compact/contract that binds us to any government that we reject; We have not, neither at birth or present, given the consent to being governed, and believe that without our consent, no government has legitimate authority over us against our will.
  • We are champions for the free markets: Laissez-Faire & Laissez-Passer. This means that we would prefer a market economy, one which is not and never will be, controlled by the coercive hand of government; none whatsoever! “Let do and let pass, the world goes on by itself!’ or ‘Laissez faire et laissez passer, le monde va de lui même!”
  • We are supporters of Natural Rights and Natural Law. We promote the Non-Aggression Principle(NAP). This principle does not preclude ones acting in Self-Defense, or those who preemptively protect themselves by way of arms.
  • We are adamant defenders of “Jury Lawlessness” or Jury Nullification. An imperative embodied in the Magna Carta.
  • We do affirm that all associations should be founded and always maintained with the peaceful, and voluntary freewill of every individual involved; with no person or group imposing their will(s) on any one else.

“It is our own nature, as human beings, which we must conquer, not the nature of others. … Freedom is not a goal that can be achieved; it is the necessary means to all other goals.”  Robert LeFevre

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